M1 4 Motors 40KM FTTH Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

Product description:

1. Chinese / English language, other languages can be customized

2. 4 Motors core alignment for 40km FTTH operation.

3. Three-in-one fixture (tail fiber, bare fiber, FTTH Fiber optic cable).

4. 6 seconds welding, 15 seconds heating (heating time can be set, heating temperature can be adjusted).

5. Dual mode: HD capacitive touch screen+Key operation

6. Automatic fusing: Smooth and comfortable operation of the whole machine

7. Fully configured splicing & cleaning tools: Ready to use without additional configuration

8. 5200mAh large battery capacity + 180 times fusing frequency + real-time power monitoring

9. Ensure ultra low splice loss: 0.01--0.04dB for real-time average loss

10. 2 years warranty, you can use our products without any worries

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Package List:

1. Optical fiber fusion splicer host x 1

2. Miller pliers x 1

3. Cutting knife x 1

4. Kevlar scissors x 1

5. Leather wire pliers x 1

6. Red light pen x 1

7. Grinder x 1

8. Carrying bag x 1

9. Screwdriver set x 1

10. Cleaning brushes x 1

11. Air blow x 1

12. Alcohol bottle x 1

13. Cleaning Cotton x 1

14. V-slot cotton swab x 1

15. Heat shrink tubing x 1

16. Optical power meter x 1


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