F7 OTDR 1310/1550nm Optical Fiber Tester Reflectometer

Product Parameters----F7-S1/S3/S4:

1. Fiber mode: Single Mode

2. Dynamic Range: 35/33dB ; 42/40dB ; 45/43dB

3. Wavelength: 1310nm/1550nm

4. Test Distance: Maximum 240KM for 45/43dB (Theoretical state)

5. Display: 5.8 Inch color LCD touch screen + key operation

6. Event Dead Zone: 0.8m

7. Attenuation Dead Zone: 6m

8. Data Storage: 2000 Test Curves

9. Battery Working Time: 10h

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Product Description:

TFN F7 Series Optical time domain reflectometer is a multi-functional optical measurement instrument, integrated automatic OTDR, expert OTDR, event map, optical power meter, visual fault location, power adjustable stable light source, fiber end face detection, optical loss test, network cable length / line sequence test, network cable search and other functions in one. Touch screen and key dual design, simple operation, friendly interface, is the installation and maintenance of optical cable construction, project acceptance and on-site repair of the right assistant.

Product Parameters----F7-S1:

1. Fiber mode: Single Mode

2. Dynamic Range: 35/33dB

3. Wavelength: 1310nm/1550nm

4. Test Distance: 130km (Theoretical state)

5. Display: 5.8 Inch color LCD touch screen + key operation

6. Event Dead Zone: 1m

7. Attenuation Dead Zone: 6m

8. Data Storage: 2000 Test Curves

9. Battery Working Time: 10h

10. Ranging Accuracy: ± (0.75 m + sampling interval + 0.005% × distance) (excluding refractive index insertion error)

11. Reflection Measurement Accuracy: ±3dB

12. The highest ranging resolution: 0.1m

13. Test range: 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256km

14. Test Pulse Width: 5,10,50,160,320,500,1000,5000,10000,20000ns

15. Loss threshold 0.01dB

16. Linearity 0.05dB/dB

17. Loss Resolution 0.001dB

18. External Interface: USB,MINI USB,10m/100m Ethernet port

19. Optical output interface FC/PC (interchangeable SC,ST)

20. Working temperature -5 ~ +50 °C, storage temperature: -20 ~ +70 °C

21. Relative humidity 0 to 95% without condensation

22. Size: 227mm*160mm*70mm

23. Weight (with battery): 1.1kg


TFN's aim is to pursue high cost performance of our products, we will devote ourselves to continuously improve the production process and product quality, constantly develop new products, maintain market competitiveness and make our customers satisfied with our products and services.

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