How to choose a suitable optical fiber fusion splicer? TFN brand gives you the answer

Benefiting from the popularization of communication technologies such as 5G and FTTH, the optical fiber fusion splicer industry has shown a steady development trend. Public data shows that the global optical fiber fusion splicer market is expanding steadily. Sales in this market will reach US$530 million in 2023 and are expected to reach US$930 million in 2030, with a compound growth rate (CAGR) of 8.44% from 2023 to 2030. Among them, Asia Pacific and North America are the major global markets, accounting for approximately 70% of the global market share in 2023.

Strong market demand drives technological innovation, and users prefer cost-effective products. There are many products on the market, and the TFN brand fiber fusion splicer is an ideal choice for many users because of its high efficiency, high precision, and high stability.

With sophisticated equipment, the TFN brand has gained market attention

TFN brand fiber optic fusion splicers are widely welcomed by the market due to their excellent performance in terms of brand strength, technological innovation, operability and after-sales service.

In the field of optical communication infrastructure, TFN has many years of R&D and production experience and attaches great importance to technological innovation. This brand of fiber optic fusion splicers adopts advanced splicing technology and high-precision optical systems to ensure lower splicing losses; the equipment has an intelligent operating system to facilitate the splicing process; the large-capacity battery has long-lasting battery life to ensure continuous splicing. One machine has multiple uses. Currently, the equipment covers many fields such as trunk lines, radio and television, operators, etc. TFN is also constantly launching new products that meet market needs, and its quality and performance have been recognized by users.

TFN brand fusion splicers have user-friendly operation interfaces and simple operation procedures, allowing users to get started quickly. The brand can also provide users with complete after-sales services, including equipment installation, debugging, maintenance, etc., so it is widely welcomed in the market.

When choosing the right equipment, users need to pay attention to key factors

Since different fiber fusion splicers may have differences in performance, functions, and usage scenarios, users need to pay attention to a variety of factors when selecting equipment.

First of all, users need to determine the splicing requirements, such as the type, length, and number of times of spliced optical fibers, etc., which involves: whether the optical fiber type is single core, leather cable or pigtail, and whether it needs to support ribbon optical fiber; whether the optical fiber length is appropriate, because The longer the fiber, the longer the splicing time will be; the number of splices refers to how many splicing tasks the device can complete for the user. After clarification, it will help users choose the appropriate fusion splicer model and configuration.

Secondly, users need to pay attention to the performance indicators of the welding machine such as welding loss, welding speed, heating time, arc stability, and ease of operation. Because these indicators will directly affect the welding effect and work efficiency: the smaller the welding loss, the better the performance of the welding machine; the better the arc stability, the more stable the performance of the welding machine; the welding speed and heating time shall be subject to suit the engineering requirements. ; If the operation process is too complicated, it will affect the user experience.

At the same time, users should also pay attention to the brand and after-sales service. Choosing a good brand of welding machine can ensure its quality, performance and after-sales service. In addition, users need to understand the brands reputation and customer reviews in the market to ensure they choose the right product.

Price is also a big factor for users to consider. Because different brands and models of fusion splicers have different prices, users need to choose a cost-effective fusion splicer according to their own budget when purchasing, that is, on the premise of meeting performance requirements, choose a product with a relatively reasonable price.

During this period, users can also learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different fusion splicers by reading reviews from other users and recommendations from professional organizations in order to make a more informed choice.

Therefore, by comprehensively considering factors such as splicing needs, performance indicators, brand and after-sales service, price, existing reviews and suggestions, users can find the fiber fusion splicer that suits them, thereby achieving better splicing results and higher work efficiency.

The same series of equipment under the TFN brand is widely used

Among the TFN brands, M, FT, S and other series of fiber optic fusion splicers are suitable for different scenarios, and users can choose the appropriate model according to actual needs. For example, the S series optical fiber fusion splicers including S3, S5, and S7 models are a must-have for many users.

      The standard welding time of this series of welding machines can reach 7 seconds, the extreme speed welding time is 6 seconds, and the typical heating time is 20 seconds. Its welding and heating speeds are very fast on the market, which helps users reduce operating time, thus Save labor and time costs; the S series can also achieve a 500-fold core amplification function. This high amplification capability can not only improve the operating accuracy and stability of the welding machine, ensure the welding quality and effect, but also help users observe more conveniently The internal structure of the optical fiber, so as to better understand the nature and characteristics of the optical fiber and provide better technical support for subsequent splicing work.


In addition, the equipment is equipped with a three-in-one clamp, which can meet various project types, reducing the risk of user errors and making the welding process smoother; the equipment has a built-in 5200 mAh large-capacity lithium battery, which can connect up to 250 cells. It reduces the additional costs caused by insufficient power supply of the equipment and improves safety; the equipment is waterproof, dustproof, shock-proof and drop-proof, and also adopts a lightweight design, making it easy for users to carry.

The S series can be applied to different fields, and users can choose to use it according to actual needs. S3 is a four-motor model and is suitable for 50km trunk lines, urban lines, security monitoring, community installation and maintenance and other projects; S5 is a six-motor trunk model and can be used for community entry, long-distance trunk lines, city trunks, and computer rooms Signal and other engineering fields; S7 is a six-motor long-distance trunk line model, suitable for 100km trunk lines, province/state trunk lines, base station emergency repair and maintenance, computer room signaling and other engineering fields.

Therefore, the above examples can reflect the wide application of the same series of equipment of the TFN brand. Users can learn about detailed parameters, prices and other information of different models of equipment on the TFN brand official website and its self-operated flagship stores on JD.com and Tmall.

In short, by choosing a TFN optical fiber fusion splicer, users can be more comfortable during the splicing process and improve work efficiency.


TFN's aim is to pursue high cost performance of our products, we will devote ourselves to continuously improve the production process and product quality, constantly develop new products, maintain market competitiveness and make our customers satisfied with our products and services.

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