In the field of optical fiber testing, why choose TFN F7 series optical time domain reflectometer?

With the rapid development of optical communication technology, the external demand for optical fiber testing equipment is also growing. In actual testing, users may encounter fiber transmission performance degradation due to slight bends, contamination, or poor connections; they may also encounter situations where fiber testing is interfered by temperature, electromagnetic and other factors in a field environment. Therefore, having a suitable optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) to solve such problems is the focus of users.

TFN brand F7 series OTDR, with its excellent performance, reliable quality and effective solutions, helps users overcome various optical fiber testing problems and becomes their choice.

Multi-model, Multi-mode, High-precision measurement

The F7 series OTDR is a high-performance multi-functional test instrument designed by TFN for optical fiber backbone networks. This series can achieve a maximum dynamic range of 45dB, a maximum range measurement resolution of 0.05m, a minimum test blind zone of 0.8m, a built-in stable light source function of 1310/1550nm, dual wavelengths, three wavelengths, four wavelengths, and single and multi-mode integration and other rich configuration function modules.

The F7 series includes a variety of models, such as S1, S2, S3, S4, T1, T2, OL1, M1, SM1 and other products, supporting the measurement of multiple fiber types. Each model has a short event dead zone, allowing users to easily test fiber patch cords. Its attenuation blind zone is 6m, which is a good level on the market. The smaller the OTDR's attenuation blind zone, the stronger its ability to measure fiber loss, so it can help users better monitor and manage fiber optic networks and improve communication capacity and reliability.


Different models of OTDR are suitable for different scenarios, providing users with diverse choices. OTDR products belonging to the same F7 series have similar technical architecture and operating interfaces, making it easier for users to obtain technical support and training. Once they encounter a problem, they can find a solution more easily.

It is worth noting that the F7 series products adopt advanced optical time domain reflectometry technology, and its ranging accuracy is ± (1m + sampling interval + 0.005% × distance). This is a relatively high level on the market and can not only help users more accurately evaluate the transmission performance of optical fibers, but also provide higher accuracy and efficiency in long-distance optical fiber testing.

Rich extended functions, evolving towards intelligence

The F7 series of products can be functionally configured according to customer needs to implement various testing functions such as light source, optical power meter, VFL, fiber end face detection, optical loss test, fault location, photoeye (MAP view), etc. This makes it a more effective and convenient optical fiber testing tool, bringing a full-featured intelligent experience to help users solve work problems in various application scenarios.

Each function can bring different benefits to users. For example, the event map (optical eye) can clearly and intuitively display breakpoints, and users can understand the fiber link situation with the help of this function; the functional wavelength of the light source of this product is consistent with the OTDR wavelength, and supports CW continuous light and 270Hz, 1kHz, and 2kHz modulation. Light output; the optical power meter function displays the optical power value of the device under test in dBm units and mW units in real time, and automatically determines and displays the frequency of the device under test; the optical loss test helps users measure the insertion loss of the device under test; end face detection can help Users can check the cleanliness of the tested end face in real time; Ethernet test supports PING, PPPOE and IP scanning, which can help users better manage the network, ensure network security, improve network performance, etc.; the remote test function can be set under the parameters of the host computer software It can realize remote control during operation such as launch, start-up test and graphic display; VFL red light can help users quickly determine the fault point.

 With the continuous development of science and technology, equipment intelligence has become a trend and one of the hot spots of current social concern. TFN F7 series products are also moving towards intelligence. For example, its optional online test module can realize non-destructive testing of links with light. In particular, its test result self-diagnosis function ensures the reliability and validity of test results.

 Whether in troubleshooting or daily maintenance of optical fiber networks, automation functions can help users quickly obtain accurate test data, reduce manual operation errors, complete a large number of optical fiber test tasks in a short time, and improve test efficiency, thereby helping users create more benefits.

Sturdy and durable, quality guaranteed

The F7 series OTDR is equipped with a 5.7-inch color display and has rich external interfaces. It can realize remote control through the Ethernet interface, and can also realize external U disk, printer and data communication with PC through two different USB interfaces. Users can use it in two ways: button and touch.

The product is also made of high-quality materials, has a compact structure and is suitable for various harsh environments. This rugged and durable feature ensures long-term stable operation of the equipment and provides reliable support for fiber optic networks.

Whether the user is a novice or a professional, TFN can provide them with effective solutions and technical support. TFN also provides users with comprehensive after-sales service. If the product has quality problems and is within the normal warranty scope, TFN will implement a free warranty within three years after the product is sold, so that users have no worries during use.

At present, the F7 series OTDR is widely used in many industries such as communications, electric power, railways, and petroleum. It has performed well in various fields. Many users who have used the F7 series have given high praise to the product. Users have said that the F7 series OTDR provides them with effective optical fiber testing solutions, and TFN is a trustworthy brand. These reviews demonstrate the strengths of the equipment in terms of performance, quality and after-sales service. Whether it's a large enterprise or a small institution, they can all benefit from the F7 Series OTDR.

TFN is always committed to improving the performance and quality of OTDR and bringing users a better testing experience. For users who need accurate and effective OTDR testing, the F7 series OTDR is a choice worth considering.

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